Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New lashes!

Greetings ladies (and gents too, if there are any out there reading!)!!

I am sorry that I haven't posted in a day or two - been fighting a cold or whatever. Yuck!

I wanted to update you on a few new things I got in the mail the other day.

First up are some lashes that I got from Oh My Lash. I ordered several pairs just to see what they were like. They got here super fast. As for the lashes themselves...I'm still in the testing/trying on phase. But, being relatively new to lashes in general I will say that I think I am not a big fan of super curled lashes. And the ones I tried on yesterday were pretty shiny. And I don't think I like that look. So this will be something to keep in mind when I shop in the future at other places. Speaking of shopping for lashes, I find myself wishing that stores carried more brands and styles. It's hard to tell what you are buying online. But there are quite a few good videos on YouTube regarding other beauty bloggers favorites. I highly recommend that you check them out!

I ordered the styles Paige, Sophia, AuNaturelle, and Olivia (which is a set of 5 different lashes). I have only tried on the Paige lashes so far.

I also ordered these super cheap lashes from Amazon:

My first impression is...that they are indeed cheap! Which is not necessarily a bad thing. You get 10 pairs of 7 styles which is quite a deal for about $15.I find myself liking the ones with clear bands more that the black bands.   I haven't tired any on yet but I am pretty sure that the ones that look extra thick/dark are not going to be favorites. Will post pics when I try them on!

Regarding glue: I had on hand some Revlon glue. I have been liking that. It's latex free which I appreciate even though I don't have an allergy to latex. I have bought some Duo glue and some Andrea glue but have not tried them yet. I do know that the Revlon glue is rather hard to find. Not sure why though.

I am also considering ordering from Lady Moss. I don't really need more lashes but because I am in the process of learning I feel the need to experiment.

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