Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Eyeshadow Palette! The Morphe 35T

I confess to being obsessed with eyeshadow palletes.  I have cheap ones, expensive ones, and everything in between! There is something about having a whole array of colors at my fingertips that just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

OK - maybe not warm and fuzzy.

But you get the idea.

I just got a couple of new palettes from Morphe Brushes. I ordered through Amazon because I wanted them NOW and the Morphe website was out of stock. I ended up paying more but you know...I am obsessed!

This is the 35T palette - the T stands for taupe I think... the colors are really nice and have lots of color to them. They seem to blend great and are soft and creamy feeling. I do wish there was one or two lighter transition colors in the palette - if only because then I wouldn't have to reach for another palette for a transition color or brow bone highlight.

This is a pretty nice combo of matte shadows and shimmers as well, which is always good - especially if too much shimmer makes you run for the hills! But I think that if you want to wear shimmer, then you should! I just read in a popular fashion mag that you should stop wearing shimmer after 40. WHAT???? what a load of crap!  Know what works for you, what you feel good in, what makes you confident. If that means every millimeter of your eyelid is covered in shimmer, then rock it!  If matte is your thing - then rock that too! Isn't life hard enough and short enough already without some 'someone' out there, some vague 'They', telling us to wear this and not that???

Watch for a post on my other palette from Morphe as well as the newest Naked smoky palette from Urban Decay. 

In fact - maybe I will do a post with all of my palettes! That would be fun - but a really LONG post.

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