Sunday, September 13, 2015

Catching up a little - new foundations to try etc.

Hello darlings!

Yes, as per usual, I am behind on all of things I want to talk about here...but hey - no time like the present, right?

I picked up a few things this last week that I wanted to share with you.

Two new foundations to try:

I have not really had a chance to play AND take pictures of either of these yet. But I have some initial thoughts. The L'Oreal Lift/Blur foundation seems really nice - I MAY have picked up the wrong color...especially as we head into fall and winter...but overall it seems nice. I recently purchased the concealer and I LOVE it. The PF foundation seems like quite a thin and sheer formula and supposedly it's illuminating...which can be good or bad...I am not one for glitter in my foundation. Just in my little test on the side of my face, I couldn't really SEE any big chunks of glitter, so I have some hope. But for coverage, I don't think either one is going to be my holy grail product.

I am also trying to go back and use some other foundations that I have bought over the past few months - to try to figure out if I just don't like them or what...I did a lot of buying and so I think maybe I just just got a little overwhelmed by the choices. I did re-try one of the Rimmel foundations I bought a few months ago: Lasting Finish 25H Foundation With Comfort Serum. Do not like it as it seemed like it was...GRAY or something...not sure if that's some kind of funky oxidation on my skin or what...but I think I will be passing that one on...or trying it again in the cooler months...

A new BH Smokey palette I got at Ross for just $6.99! One shadow was broken - and thus, the palette LOOKED like a mess, but really once I dumped out the broken one and cleaned it up a bit it looks nice! I have not had much chance to play with this yet, but the few little swatches I did on my hand seemed really nice!

Also, I made an order with and I am overall pleased with what I received - and let me tell you I got it fast! There were a few fails in my box of goodies and somehow they sent me three of the same blush - but I think that was my fault for only looking at the pictures of the colors and not actually selecting the right color...I'll try not to make that mistake again! I will likely pass the two extras along to friends.

I find that the color representation on my screen vs. what I actually get is...a little off... hence the garish hot pink lipstick I got...NO. Just...NO. And yets this is a filtered pic because I could just not bring myself to post the original...but I still hate it.

I bought a TON of lashes from them and they look great and at only $1...well you can hardly go wrong! I bought some Kara lashes and also some Kleancolor lashes. Will let you know when I wear them what I think and of course post some pics.

I also picked up this eyeliner at DollarTree: ColorMates liquid eyeliner in black. I can tell you that primer helps this to not bleed and also that it seems quite smear-proof, although I have not put it to the full day test yet.  But at only $1, if it doesn't completely suck then...YAY!

Ok lovelies! That's about it from here! Enjoy your Sunday! Oh and like and share and whatever all that other stuff is! LOL

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